TUTR Safety Tips


Conduct all In-Person tutoring sessions In-Public

Coffee shops and libraries are great places for tutoring sessions. Remember... In-Person = In-Public.

Be sure it’s the right tutor

Be sure the person’s picture matches, their credentials are the same, and ask any relevant questions to ensure the person is who they claim. This is not considered rude. Tutors are encouraged to do the same.

Interview and Inquire other users

Remember, that both student and tutor users should seek additional information about the other to increase security and safety. Tutors and Student users are encouraged to research backgrounds, ask questions, and request references.

Feel free to say "no"

TUTR allows all users to Accept or Reject any request at anytime before the tutoring session begins. As a an independent user of TUTR, you are never obligated to accept a particular tutoring session. If something about the opportunity doesn’t appeal to you, just wait for the next one.


Maintain Your Privacy

NEVER exchange personal information with another user. 

Trust your Instincts.

Follow your intuition and use your best judgement when engaging with new users, especially In-person. If you ever feel you’re in an emergency situation, call 911 immediately.

Be Kind and Respectful

Both parties should treat one another with kindness and respect. Please review Tutoring Tips for more information. 

Give feedback on your tutoring session.

Your feedback helps us improve the TUTR mobile app and the experience for everyone. Our entire team and specifically our co-founder and CHRO Lauren Sanders, will follow up with appropriate action on any reports of conduct that violate our guidelines. Users’ safety is our top priority.